In a paper delivered to 205th meeting of the American Oriental Society in March, 1995—2,500 years to the day after the inscribing of the cuneiform text in question—Matthew W. Stolper demonstrated that the two "different" seal impressions listed as 65SI and 71CI in An Aramaic bibliography Part I, pp. 174f. (= B.7. 1) are not only the same (cylinder) seal impression but actually come from only a single document, albeit one with a complex publication history. His paper is soon to be published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 116/3 (1996): 517-521 as "A Paper Chase after the Aramaic on TCL 13 193." He summarizes his findings as follows:

New Publications of Note

The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation, by Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, and Edward Cook is to be published in November by Harper Collins. The book contains, in translation, most of the legible non-biblical texts from Qumran in a translation intended for a broad audience of both specialists and lay people. The authors provide introductions for each text, with brief commentary, as well as an introduction to the whole volume that seeks to place the Qumran scrolls in their historical context.

Targumic and Cognate Studies: Essays in Honour of Martin McNamara, edited by Kevin Cathcart and Michael Maher (JSOT Supplements 230; Sheffield: Academic Press). It includes 14 essays on the targums and other Aramaic texts, including "Our Translated Tobit" by CAL research associate Edward Cook.

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