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ˁbd vb. a/e to make, act, do

  1 to make Com. --(a) to create Syr. (a.1) to write Syr. --(b) (often w. ˁl, l_) : to transfer ownership OfA, OfA. (b.1) to designate, make into JLAtg, Gal. --(c) to prepare Syr, JBA. (c.1) to re-make, repair Syr. --(d) to provide, produce Gal, PTA, Syr, JBA. (d.1) to amount to, to be equal to Gal. 1 to be suitable Syr. (d.2) to work a field, plant JBA. --(e) p.p. : prepared JBA. (e.1) w. inf. or relative clause : likely to, apt to JBA. (e.2) דעביד followed by a noun : in the condition of JBA. (e.3) see also s.v. ˁbyd, ˁbydh .
  2 to do, perform, act in a certain manner Com. --(a) to pass (time) in a certain way Gal, Syr, Man. --(b) to work JBA. (b.1) to perform religious service Syr, JBA. (b.2) to perform a magical practice Gal, Syr, JBAmag. --(c) to fare, prosper Gal. (c.1) p.p. id. Gal. (c.2) p.p. to suffer Syr. 1 +ܒܣܝܡܐܝܬ‏ : to eat in moderation (?) Syr.
  3 to put in charge Jud, Syr.
  4 idiomatic expressions: . --(a) ܐܲܦܸ̈ܐ‏ : to give priority or opportunity Syr. --(b) ܦܲܪܨܘܿܦܸܗ‏ : to act in someone's place Syr. --(c) w. qrb, etc.: to make war, battle OfA, BA, BA. --(d) w. reflexive pron. : to pretend, simulate Gal, Syr. --(e) ܚܸܘܵܪܵܐ‏ : to become grey Syr. --(f) ܚܘܼܒܿܵܐ‏ : to make friends Syr. --(g) ܡܸܠܬܵܐ‏ : to speak Syr. --(h) ܦܝܣܐ‏ to persuade Syr. --(i) ܥܘܼܗܕܵܢܵܐ‏ : to commemorate Syr. --( ) פרנסה : to make a collection for support Jud. --( ) סִתוָא : to spend the winter JLAtg.
  5 to ordain Syr. --(a) to determine the law Gal.
  6 to force Syr. --(a) (gram.) to govern Syr.

  1 to produce or work in large quantities JLAtg, CPA, JBA.
  2 to prepare for use JLAtg, JBAg, LJLA.

  1 to do, make Syr. --(a) ܡܥܒܕܐ ܗܘܬ ܠܗ‏ : to have to do something Syr.
  2 to make work, set to work Syr.
  3 to effect, result in Syr.

  1 to be done Com. --(a) masc. impersonal Com. --(b) to be prepared Syr. --(c) perf. דיאבא, דיעבד, דאיעבד: after the fact : see s.v. dyˁbd adv. JBA.
  2 to become, turn into something else Gal, PTA, CPA, Sam, JBA, JBAg. --(a) to make oneself into someone else LJLA.
  4 to occur, to happen Gal.

  1 to be made Syr. --(a) to be formed Syr.
  2 to be worked up, overworked Syr. --(a) to be possessed (by demons) Syr.

  1 šˁbd: see s.v. Com.
  2 ˁbdd: see s.v. Syr.

   Gt 1.1 see also s.v. bdyˁbd.

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ˁbd, ˁbdˀ (ˁăḇeḏ, ˁaḇdā) n.m. servant

  1 servant Com. --(a) royal subject , BA.

    For the JBA expression עבדא דנורא (a profession) see M. Macuch, "The Talmudic Expression ‘Servant of the Fire’ in the Light of Pahlavi Legal Sources," JSAI 26 (2002): 109−29 and note to ˁbd #3.

   LS2: 1060[504]. DJPA: 391a. DJBA: 839a. Jastrow: 1035. Levy Ch-W: 2:196. Drower/Macuch: 3a, 340a. J. Payne-Smith: 397. Tal Sam: 617. DNWSI: 816.

ˁbd, ˁbdˀ (ˁḇāḏ, ˁḇāḏā) v.n. #2labor

  1 labor, work (v.n.) Com. --(a) administration Syr. --(b) rite Man. --(c) operation Syr. (c.1) (gram.): predicate of verbal sentence Syr. --(d) edification Syr.
  2 result of work Com. --(a) fiction Jud, Syr. --(b) creature, creation Syr. (b.1) reality Syr. 1 ܐܬܐ ܠܥ܊܂ ܩܡ ܒܥ܊܂ ܐܣܬܥܪ ܒܥ܊‏ etc. : to come to pass Syr. (b.2) event Syr. --(c) thing Syr. --(d) wealth Syr.
  3 baggage, burden Syr.

   See note s.v. ˁwbd. Many of the Syriac usages undoubtedly originate from that form.

   LS2: 1060[504]. DJPA: 393a. Jastrow: 1046. Drower/Macuch: 9, 342b, 1b, 46a. Payne-Smith: 2773. J. Payne-Smith: 397. Tal Sam: 617. DNWSI: 819.

ˁbd, ˁbdˀ n.m. #3practitioner

  1 practitioner [of magic] JBAmag.
  2 (bd by$) : criminal CPA.

    M. Macuch, JSAI 26 (2002) 109ff., has now shown on the basis of Sasanan legal texts, that the term עבדא דנורא should be translated “servant of the fire” [i.e. belonging to the personnel of a fire temple]. Thus mng. #1 in DJBA is now removed.

   DJBA: 839b. Jastrow: 1035.

ˁbd (ˁāḇeḏ) adj. active

  1 active Syr.
  2 ܕܘܼܟܿܬܵܐ‏ : substitute Syr.

   LS2: 1060[505]. J. Payne-Smith: 396.

ˁbd (ˁabbāḏ) adj. #2 seemly, fit

  1 seemly, fit Sam.

   Tal Sam: 617.

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