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ˀdn, ˀdnˀ (ˀe/uḏn, ˀe/uḏnā) n.f. ear

  1 ear Com.
  2 fish's gill Gal, JBA.
  3 fig. : ear shaped object . --(a) handle Gal, Syr, JBA. --(b) bay of the sea Syr. --(c) the tuning pin of a lyre/guitar Syr. --(d) opening, mouth of a bag-like object Syr, JBA. (d.1) opening of the uterus Syr. --(e) lobe of an organ JBA. --(f) pedestal : see s.v. ˀdn #2 JLAtg, Sam.
  4 river bank Man.

   That BT Git 69b(48) refers to the opening of a water-skin rather than its handle is evident from the disease (strangury) that the procedure is meant to cure.

   LS2: 10[6]. DJPA: 36a. DJBA: 85b. Jastrow: 22. Levy Ch-W: 1:11. Drower/Macuch: 342b. J. Payne-Smith: 4. Tal Sam: 9. DNWSI: 26. BarBahlul: 40:4.

ˀdn n.m. #2 pedestal

  1 pedestal, support JLAtg, Sam.

   Biblical Hebrew, but an error in JLAtg.

   Tal Sam: 9.

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