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ˀrˁ vb. a/u(a) to attain; to meet

  1 to attain, to reach PTA. --(a) to meet, encounter JLAtg, PTA, Syr, LJLA. (a.1) to confront, withstand Syr.
  2 to occur Gal, CPA, Syr, Man, LJLA. --(a) to befall, happen to PTA, LJLA.

  1 to designate a special occasion PTA, LJLA.
  2 to select (?) LJLA.

  1 to confront CPA, Syr.
  2 fig. Syr.

  1 to betake oneself LJLA. --(a) איתארע ליה מילתא : euph. for to die JBA, JBAg.
  2 to make oneself confront Syr.

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ˀrˁ, ˀrˁˀ (ˀăraˁ, ˀarˁā) n.f. ground; land; Earth

  1 ground Com. --(a) land (opposite of water) Syr.
  2 land, country Com.
  3 the Earth Com. --(a) in the expression "Heaven and Earth" Com.
  4 soil Com. --(a) piece of land, field Com. --(b) (chem.) types of earth Syr. (b.1) ܊ ܐܓܘܦܛܝܬܐ‏ : silver Syr. (b.2) ܐ܊ ܟܘܒܝܬܐ‏ : mercury Syr.
  5 floor, bottom Palm, Syr.
  6 residue Syr.

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)r(#2 N --> )wr( N
ˀrˁ (ˀăraˁ) adj. lower

  1 lower CPA, LJLA.

   See also s.v. ˀrˁˀ adv.

   Levy Ch-W: 1:69.

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