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ˀwn (ˀōn) twelfth, ounce

  1 twelfth, ounce Syr.

   Greek οὐνκία.

   LS2: 17[8]. J. Payne-Smith: 6.

[ˀwn] (ˀōn) n.m. #2that which is

  1 that which is = Gk. (τὸ) ὄν Syr.

   Greek ὄν.

   LS2: 17[8].

)wn#3 N --> )wwn N   
ˀwn n.m. #4power, natural urge

  1 natural urge OfA, Sam.

   Perhaps to be joined with ˀwwn; see DNWSI s.v.
The sole Samaritan example replicates Hebrew at Dt 21:17 and should not be considered to be Aramaic usage.

   Tal Sam: 13. DNWSI: 23.

ˀwn (ˀōn) interj. oh!

  1 oh! (expressing sorrow or dismay) CPA, Syr.

   Greek ὦν.

   LS2: 17[8]. J. Payne-Smith: 6.

ˀwn conj. therefore

  1 therefore (enclitic) CPA, Syr. --(a) hw). )wn : idem (in narrative) CPA.


)wn I --> )wn a   
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