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ˀḥh vb. Dt to be made a brother

  1 to be made a brother Syr.

   LS2: 109[11].

ˀḥh, ˀḥtˀ ((ˀ)ḥā/(ˀ)ḥāṯ, (ˀ)ḥāṯā) n.f. sister

  1 sister Com. --(a) אחה דאם : maternal aunt PTA, PTA.
  2 kinswoman PTA.
  3 fig. : something similar, something cognate Syr.
  4 in the early church: a female missionary or the like Syr.

    For PAT2776 see PAT 335.
As with the masculine form, whether familial relationship is always the case in the earlier texts is not clear; nor, of course, is the difference between actual sister and kinswoman always clear to us.

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