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ˀyl vb. D to come to one's aid

  1 to come to one's aid Syr.

   Not known in previous lexica.


ˀyl n.m. cycle, count

  1 cycle, count Gal.

   Dubious emendation; see DJPA.

   DJPA: 49a.

ˀyl, ˀylˀ (ˀăyel, ˀaylā) n.m. #2stag

  1 male deer, stag Com.
  2 ram Qum, Sam.
  3 large locust (?) Jud.

   1) In Hebrew the words ˀayil 'ram' and ˀayyāl 'stag' are distinct, but there is no clear evidence for that distinction here. The occasional bi-syllabic variant vocalizations in JLA texts are almost certainly Hebraisms, as is the meaning "ram" at Qumran. On the other hand, the JLA vocalization of the feminine form as ˀayyālā seems well established.
The reading אילי at 4Q531 17:8 has been rejected in favor of איש.

   LS2: 34[15]. DJPA: 48b. DJBA: 113a. Jastrow: 48. Levy Ch-W: 1:24. Drower/Macuch: 15a, 14a. J. Payne-Smith: 13. Tal Sam: 24. DNWSI: 45.

)yl#3 N --> )l N   LS2: 33[15].
ˀyl, ˀylˀ (ˀīyāl, ˀīyālā) v.n. #4aid

  1 aid Qum, Syr.

   LS2: 34[15]. J. Payne-Smith: 13.

ˀyl, ˀylˀ n.m. #5projecting ledge; ship's prow

  1 (arch.) projecting ledge JLAtg.
  2 ship's prow JBA.
  3 a worm (or the like) in grapes JBA, JBAg.

   These usages are all probably figurative of ˀyl#2, i.e. "ram." See also s.v. ˀylh.

   DJBA: 113a. Jastrow: 48.

ˀyl, ˀylˀ n.m. #6sling

  1 sling LJLA.

   See also s.v. qlˁ #2 N

   Jastrow: 66.

)yl#7 N --> (yl N
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