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brh, brtˀ (brā, barṯā/brattā) n.f. daughter

  1 daughter Com. --(a) girl Syr. --(b) daughter of a relation Com. --(c) a female member of a animal species Com. (c.1) in construct with a noun characterizing the nature of such a species Com.
  2 a small part of something . --(a) minor town Com. (a.2) ܒܪܬ ܨܗܝܘܢ‏ : Jerusalem Syr.
  3 in compounds: member of the same cohort: see s.vv. brt_, bnt Com. --(a) a type of female relative Com. --(b) characterizing individual f. members of a class or group Com. (b.1) same X one : someone sharing a characteristic Com. (b.2) fellow female member of a group Com. 1 the gentilic group as a whole, figuratively characterized a young woman . (b.3) the attribute typically characterizing such female members Syr.
  4 in construct with a unit of time: female aged X Com. --(a) separated from the time unit by a number Com.
  5 a small, spherical object . --(a) berry Syr, JBA. (a.1) specific types of berries, seeds, or grains . --(b) egg Syr. --(c) in construct with the full-sized object . (c.1) a characteristic having the appearance of such small objects Syr. --(d) in construct with a noun characteristic of such an object Syr.

   For compounds see note s.v. br n.m.

   LS2: 192[93]. DJPA: 111a. DJBA: 248a. Jastrow: 189. Levy Ch-W: 1:112. Drower/Macuch: 5a, 70a, 383a,. Tal Sam: 102. Audo: 1:107. BarBahlul: 407.

brh A --> bry A   
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