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bḥr vb. a/a(u) to choose

  1 to choose Com, , , . --(a) to notice Syr.
  2 to examine, test JLAtg, CPA, Syr, Man. --(a) to judge Syr. --(b) to indicate Syr.
  3 to renew Syr.

  1 to inflame Syr.
  2 to examine, certify Syr, JBA.
  3 to choose JBAg.

  1 to cause to choose (?) Gal.

  1 to be chosen Qum, JLAtg, Gal, PTA, LJLA. --(a) to be found preferable LJLA. --(b) to choose oneself = save oneself (?) JLAtg.
  2 to be examined, proven, tested Syr. --(a) (illness): to reach crises stage Syr.
  4 to determine Syr.

  1 to examine Syr.
  2 to be chosen Sam.

   LS2: 135[65]. DJPA: 90b. DJBA: 196a. Jastrow: 155. Levy Ch-W: 1:90. Drower/Macuch: 53b. J. Payne-Smith: 41a. Tal Sam: 91a.

bḥr vb. #2D to strip leaves (??)

  1 to strip leaves (?) Gal.

   For refs. see note DJPA s.v., but almost certainly better combined with 'to choose.'

   DJPA: 90b.

bḥr vb. #3to shine

  1 to shine LJLA.

   See also s.v. bhr.

   Jastrow: 156.

bḥr, bḥrˀ (baḥḥār, baḥḥārā) n.m. examiner

  1 examiner Syr.


   LS2: 136[66]. J. Payne-Smith: 41.

[bḥr, bḥrˀ] (baḥr, baḥrā) n.m. #2sea

  1 sea Syr, Man.


   LS2: 136[66]. Drower/Macuch: 46a.

bḥr prep. after

  1 after, at the end of CPA.


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