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db, dbˀ (de/oḇ, de/ubbā) n.f. bear

  1 bear Com.

   For fem. gender see the citations and Bh Gr2 10(26).

   LS2: 268[138]. DJPA: 140a. DJBA: 315a. Jastrow: 282. Levy Ch-W: 1:159. Payne-Smith: 805. J. Payne-Smith: 81. DNWSI: 237.

db, dbˀ n.m. #2report

  1 report JLAtg.

   See also s.vv. ṭb, ṭyp.

   Jastrow: 276. Levy Ch-W: 1:159.

db n.m. #3an illness of camels

  1 an illness of camels OfAEast.

   If related to or the same as dwb n.m. then "flux." See ADAB 72.


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