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gbr vb. a/a to prevail

  1 to prevail Qum, Gal, JBA, Man. --(a) to be the biggest Qum.
  2 (of bodies of water) to swell Gal.
  3 to act boldly Syr.

  1 to give power to, enable to prevail JLAtg, Syr, LJLA. --(a) p.p. : (of a wadi) flowing strongly JLAtg.
  2 to encourage, to embolden Syr, Man.

  1 to make strong JBA, JBAg, Man, LJLA.

  1 (of bodies of water) to swell, to rise PTA, LJLA.

  1 to become strong, be strengthened JLAtg, CPA, Syr, Man, LJLA. --(a) to prevail JLAtg, Sam, Syr, JBA, Man, LJLA. --(b) to become great, excel JLAtg, Syr.
  2 to become a man, behave as a man Syr.

   Some find attestations in OA, see DNWSI, s.v.

   LS2: 202[102]. DJPA: 120. DJBA: 258a. Jastrow: 208. Levy Ch-W: 1:124. Drower/Macuch: 80a. J. Payne-Smith: 59. Tal Sam: 126b. DNWSI: 210.

gbr, gbrˀ (gḇar, gaḇrā/guḇrā) n.m. man

  1 man Com. --(a) specifically a male as opposed to a female Com. (a.1) especially a virile male Syr. 1 husband Com.
  2 person, someone OfA, Qum, PTA, Syr. --(a) as a distributive Qum. (a.1) gbr gbr CPA, LJLA. (a.2) as a non-human JLAtg, Sam. --(b) abs. w. pl. verb : everyone, each OfA, JLAtg, PTA, Syr, LJLA.
  3 supernatural being Man.

   The singular form גוברא in the later dialects is a back-formation from the literary plural form.

   LS2: 202[102]. DJPA: 119b. DJBA: 258b. Jastrow: 217. Levy Ch-W: 1:124. Drower/Macuch: 73a, 73b, 79a,. J. Payne-Smith: 59. Tal Sam: 127. DNWSI: 210.

gbr#2 N --> gnbr N   DJBA: 258b. Jastrow: 234. Tal Sam: 127.
gbr A --> gnbr N   
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