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gml vb. to repay

  1 to treat someone well or badly JLAtg, Gal, PTA, Sam, LJLA. --(a) w. חסד : to show kindness , Gal.

  1 to be shown kindness Gal, LJLA.

   DJPA: 132a. Jastrow: 253. Levy Ch-W: 1:144. Drower/Macuch: 94b. Tal Sam: 150a.

gml vb. #2 to be weaned

  1 to be weaned Gal, Sam.


   Tal Sam: 150.

gml, gmlˀ (gmel, gamlā) n.m./f. camel; beam

  1 camel Com. --(a) ܓܲܡܠܵܐ ܗܽܘܓܢܵܐ‏ : dromedary Syr.
  2 large curved(?) wooden beam of a roof Syr. --(a) a plank bridge made of such beams JBA. --(b) as a large measure of length, i.e. "yard" or the like Syr. --(c) ܒܝܬ ܓܡܠܐ‏ : such a beam on top of a post Syr.
  3 large insect : see s.v. gmln adj. Syr.
  4 as a part of the name of other animals . --(a) ܓܡܠܐ ܢܡܪܐ‏ : camelopard, i.e. giraffe Syr. --(b) ܓܲܡܠܵܐ ܕܝܲܪܩܵܐ‏ : millipede Syr.

   For the double gender see Bh Gr2 11(13ff.)
See also s.v. gml "camel driver."
In the NT proverbial saying (Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, and Luke 18:25) about a camel and the eye of a needle, the native Syriac lexical tradition seems to be convinced that our lemma is to be interpreted as a large rope used on ships. See the statement of BarBahlul (500:19): ܚܒܠܐ ܥܒܝܐ ܕܐܣܪܝܢ ܒܗ ܣܦܝ̄ܢܬܐ.
Colloquial Arabic forms of جملون “gable” demand the previous Aramaic existence of a diminutive of “roof beam”.

   LS2: 241[120]. DJPA: 131b. DJBA: 289a. Jastrow: 253. Levy Ch-W: 1:145. Drower/Macuch: 83b. J. Payne-Smith: 72. Tal Sam: 149. DNWSI: 226. BarBahlul: 500:19; 1691:9.

gml n.m. #2letter gimel/gamal

  1 gimel, gamal, third letter Gal, Syr, JBA.

   DJPA: 132a. DJBA: 281b. J. Payne-Smith: 72.

gml, gmlˀ (gammāl, gammālā) n.m. #3camel-driver

  1 camel-driver OA, Gal, Syr.

   The OA example at Sf.1.b36 could be either "camel" or "camel-driver."

   LS2: 241[121]. DJPA: 132a. J. Payne-Smith: 72.

gml, gmlˀ/gwmlˀ (gmel, gimlā) n.m. #4recompense

  1 recompense JLAtg, Sam, LJLA. --(a) deed requiring recompense Sam. --(b) retribution JLAtg.
  2 mutual agreement JBA.
  3 + ד _ as conj. : in return for the fact that Sam.

   Note the apparent distinction between positive (גִמלָא) and negative (גַמלָא) pay back at TgJ Is59:18 in many ms. traditions; but compare TgJ Is66:6 where the same negative phrase is pointed גִמלָא.

   DJBA: 281. Jastrow: 253. Levy Ch-W: 1:145. Tal Sam: 150.

gml (gāmel, gāmlā) n.m. #5one who performs charitable acts

  1 one who performs charitable acts JBA.

   DJBA: 289b.

gml, gmlˀ n.m. #6teaming arrangement

  1 teaming arrangement JBA.
  2 small bridge JBA.

   Jastrow: 253.

gml (gmāl) adj. curved, hooked

  1 curved, hooked Syr.
  2 as subst.: curved portion of a limb Gal.

   LS2: 241[121]. DJPA: 132a. BarBahlul: 500:18.

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