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gmr vb. a/a(u) to complete, to fulfill

  1 trans. . --(a) to complete, to fulfill Com. (a.1) to make complete Syr. 1 to make (a sum total) Syr. --(b) to destroy, finish off PTA. (b.1) to extinguish Syr. --(c) to learn (tradition) JBA. (c.1) to decide a case, derive a law JBA. --(d) to make perfect spiritually Syr.
  2 intrans. . --(a) to be completed, to be perfected Syr. --(b) to be finished PTA, Syr. (b.1) to perish, become gone Syr. 1 to be extinct Syr. --(c) to be lacking JLAtg, Syr. (c.1) p.p. Syr. --(d) to be learned (tradition) JBA.

  1 to perfect Syr, Man. --(a) to finish construction Syr.
  2 to delete, to eliminate Qum, JLAtg, Syr, LJLA. --(a) to consume, destroy JLAtg, Syr, JBA, LJLA. --(b) to absolve Syr.

  1 to delete, to extinguish Syr.
  2 to teach a tradition JBA.

  1 to perfect oneself Syr. --(a) to be accomplished, fulfilled Syr. --(b) to be perfected Syr. --(c) to be initiated Syr.
  2 to be destroyed, finished off LJLA.
  3 to be learned (tradition) JBAg.

  1 to come to an end Gal, Man.
  2 to be made perfect Man.

   For the semantic development within Syriac from "to finish" > "to perfect," see S. Brock, "Fire from heaven: from Abel's sacrifice to the Eucharist: A theme in Syriac Christianity," Studia Patristica 25 (1993): 238 (reprinted in Fire from heaven (Ashgate Variorum, 2006).
Also, see note s.v. gmr #3.

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gmr vb. #2to study

  1 to study, learn Gal, JBA, LJLA.

   A semantic development from gmr #1, possibly through the v.n. See s.v. gmr n.m.

   DJPA: 132b. DJBA: 290a.

gmr vb. #3D to turn into coal or incense

  1 to heat with burning coals Syr.
  2 to destroy by fire LJLA.

  1 to make coal Syr.
  2 to burn incense CPA.
  3 + nwr : to heat Syr. --(a) fig. : to enflame Syr.

  1 to be perfumed with incense LJLA.
  2 to be turned into coal (?) Man.

   "Completion" and "burning with coals or fire" are not disambiguated in the Syriac lexicographers. The lack of clear distinction also seems to color the use of the Gt stem in most of the examples of אתגמר in LJLA.

   LS2: 243[121]. J. Payne-Smith: 73.

gmr, gmrˀ (gmār, gmārā) v.n. completion; traditional study

  1 completion, perfection Gal, Syr, JBA. --(a) עד גמרא : in full JBAg.
  2 tradition JBA, JBAg. --(a) gemara JBAg.
  3 after l_ as adv. see s.v. lgmr, lgmry Syr.

   LS2: 243[121]. DJPA: 132b. DJBA: 292. Jastrow: 255. Levy Ch-W: 1:146. J. Payne-Smith: 740. BarBahlul: 502:5.

gmr#2 N --> gwmrh N   
gmr, gmrˀ (gmar, gimrā) n.m. #3a fiery gem

  1 (min.) a precious, fiery gem (perh. carbuncle?) JLAtg, Man.

   Jastrow: 255. Levy Ch-W: 1:146. Drower/Macuch: 90b.

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