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gygl, gyglˀ (giggal, gigglā) n.f. wheel

  1 wheel Syr. --(a) stone covering tomb Syr. --(b) an instrument of torture Syr.
  2 ring, circle Syr. --(a) cycle Syr.
  3 sphere Syr, JBAmag.
  4 metaph.: the wheel of fate Syr.
  5 a type of angel Syr.
  6 a type of chariot (or pars pro toto?) Syr.
  7 (bot.) wind-blown thistle Syr.

   Some versions have this word for גלגל at Targ. Ps 17:8.
As "wind-blown thistle," possibly simply an error for gl "straw", for which it is a variant at P Is 17:13 (see LS2).

   LS2: 228[103]. DJBA: 277a. Levy Ch-W: 1:125. Payne-Smith: 712. J. Payne-Smith: 68. Audo: 1:136. BarBahlul: 483:20.

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