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kp, kpˀ (kap̄, kappā) n.f. palm; ladle

  1 palm, hand Com, , . --(a) hand: 1/3 of a cubit OfA. --(b) handful Syr. --(c) kp yd : palm : see s.v. kpyd .
  2 spoon, ladle OfA, JBA. --(a) cup Syr. --(b) dish Syr, JBA. --(c) pan of a scale PTA, LJLA. --(d) fig.: shoulder JBA.
  3 sheaf, bundle (i.e., handful) Syr, JBA.
  4 the eleventh letter kaph Syr, JBA.
  5 sole of the foot: see s.v. kprgl .
  6 palm branch Sam. --(a) (bot.) ܕܕܲܒܪܵܐ‏ : plant name Syr.
  7 saddle (colloquial shortening of ˀwkp) Syr.

   JBA "shoulder" may be rather an assimilated form of ktp : see DJBA 594.
For "saddle", see also s.v. kpny, a form that demonstrates the authenticity of the cited passage.

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