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ktp vb. D to carry on the shoulder

  1 to carry on the shoulder Gal, JBA.
  2 to carry in a chair on the shoulder JBA.

  1 to be carried off on the shoulder Man.

  1 to be carried on shoulders JBA.

   DJPA: 273a. DJBA: 610a. Jastrow: 682.

ktp, ktpˀ (kṯep̄, kaṯpā) n.m. shoulder

  1 shoulder Com. --(a) ܐܪܟܢ ܟܬܦܐ : to lower one's shoulder = to be attentative to someone Syr.
  2 fig. . --(a) riverside (?) JBA. --(b) shoot in middle of vine Syr. --(c) wing of a building (audo) Syr. --(d) shoulder width (?) JBA.

   LS2: 663[353]. DJPA: 272b. DJBA: 610a. Jastrow: 682. Levy Ch-W: 1:396. Drower/Macuch: 195b. J. Payne-Smith: 231. Tal Sam: 417. Audo: 1:491.

ktp, ktpˀ (kattāp̄, kattāp̄ā) n.m. #2porter

  1 porter Gal.

   DJPA: 273a. Jastrow: 682. DNWSI: 548.

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