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mdynh, mdyntˀ (mḏīnā, mḏīntā/mḏīttā) n.f. province; capital city

  1 province OfA, BA, Jud, CPA, Syr, LJLA.
  2 city Palm, Jud, Syr, JBA, LJLA.
  3 country Gal, LJLA.

   NB: a mdynh is the large "capital" city of an administrative unit which can also be referred to by the same name/term, just as city-states in Antiquity were often called by the name of their capital city. In Christian times such a city would headquarter a bishop. A qryh is one of a number of large towns or villages within such a unit. A krk is somewhere in between, generally presupposing a surrounding wall. See, e.g., JS MemDan(Bedjan vol.2) 102:17.

   LS2: 713[145]. DJPA: 291b. DJBA: 642b. Jastrow: 734. J. Payne-Smith: 252. DNWSI: 597.

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