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mlk vb. e(a)/u to rule; to advise; to promise

  1 to reign OA, Qum, Jud, CPA, Sam, JBA, LJLA. --(a) as head of an academy JBA.
  2 to advise, give counsel to JLAtg, Syr, Man. --(a) to persuade Sam, Syr, LJLA.
  3 to promise Syr.

  1 to advise LJLA. --(a) to decide LJLA.
  2 ܡܸܢ‏ : to excel Syr.

  1 to make king OA, Gal, PTA, Syr.
  2 to rule Jud, Syr, Man.
  3 to advise Syr, LJLA.
  4 fig. : to overwhelm, dominate Syr.

  1 to deliberate, to consult Jud, CPA, Syr, JBA, Man, LJLA.
  2 to regret, to reconsider Jud, Syr, JBA.
  3 to be promised Syr.
  4 to be right Syr.
  5 to be given to rule Man.

  1 to deliberate Syr, JBA.
  2 to think over Syr.

  1 to be made king Syr.
  2 to be dominated Syr.
  3 to be ruled Syr.

   Many lexx. divide into two verbs between "rule" and "advise".

   LS2: 771[391]. DJPA: 310a. DJBA: 679b. Jastrow: 791. Levy Ch-W: 2:39. Drower/Macuch: 273a. J. Payne-Smith: 277. Tal Sam: 471. DNWSI: 633. Audo: 2:60. BarBahlul: 1093.

mlk#2 V --> mlk V   DJBA: 680a. Drower/Macuch: 273a.
[mlk] vb. #3to acquire possession

  1 to acquire possession JBAg.


   DJBA: 680b.

mlk, mlkˀ (mleḵ, malkā) n.m. king

  1 king Com. --(a) emperor, caliph, emir, etc. Com. --(b) pl. (the biblical) Book of Kings Syr, JBA.
  2 provincial ruler (governor, satrap) , Syr.
  3 a priest Man.
  4 metaph.: ruler, chief Syr. --(a) leaven for the eucharist Syr.
  5 a spiritual being (= malaka) Man.

   In the Ancient Near East this term is also used for a provincial ruler when as a part of a larger political unit, e.g., an empire.

   LS2: 772[391]. DJPA: 310a. DJBA: 680b. Jastrow: 791. Levy Ch-W: 2:41. Drower/Macuch: 244b, 267a, 273. Payne-Smith: 2142. J. Payne-Smith: 277. Tal Sam: 472. DNWSI: 834. BarBahlul: 1093.

mlk, mlkˀ (mǝlaḵ (mēlaḵ?), melkā) n.m. #2counsel

  1 counsel Com.
  2 reason Syr.

   LS2: 772[392]. Jastrow: 791. Levy Ch-W: 2:40. Drower/Macuch: 267a. J. Payne-Smith: 277. DNWSI: 644.

mlk (māleḵ) n.m. #3advisor

  1 advisor Man, LJLA.

   Drower/Macuch: 244b.

mlk n.m. #4 possession

  1 possession, property Jud, Sam. --(a) right Sam.


   Tal Sam: 472.

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