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qdm vb. e/a (a/u) to come before

  1 to come before in time, precede Com. --(b) to take precedence over (?), surpass Sam, Syr, LJLA.
  2 to do beforehand, to do something first Syr, JBA. --(a) as co-verb .
  3 to approach Sam, Syr, LJLA.

  1 to precede Com. --(a) as co-verb: to do early on Syr, JBA. --(b) to do previously Com.
  2 to come before in space Syr. --(a) to encounter Syr. --(b) to lead Sam. --(c) to advance Sam, Syr. (c.1) to attack Syr. --(d) w. d.o. + ܒ‏ : to offer Syr.
  3 to greet someone Gal.
  4 ܣܵܡ‏ : to set forth Syr.

  1 to do something first JLAtg, Gal, PTA, JBA. --(a) as a co-verb: to do early JLAtg, JBA, LJLA. --(b) to be early Gal. (b.1) to rise early JLAtg, PTA, Sam, LJLA.
  2 to advance (trans.) Gal, Sam. --(a) to order to go ahead Syr. --(b) to give preference to Gal.
  3 to greet PTA, LJLA.

  1 ܡܸܢ ܡܲܘܬܿܵܐ‏ : to be oppressed by death Syr.

  1 to precede Sam, Syr, LJLA. --(a) to be mentioned above Sam.
  2 to be caught Syr.
  3 as co-verb with other passives : to be done previously Syr.
  4 to approach Sam.
  5 to be hurried CPA.

  1 to be preoccupied Syr.

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qdm, qdmˀ (qāḏem, qāḏmā) n.m. precursor

  1 precursor Syr.

   LS2: 1318[647]. J. Payne-Smith: 490.

qdm#2 N --> qdm p
qdm (qḏam, qaḏmā) adj. first

  1 first, earliest , OfA, Syr.
  2 as a substantive: . --(a) antiquity JLAtg, Sam. --(b) front part Gal, Syr. --(c) ܒܩܲܕܡܵܐ‏ : at first Syr. (c.1) ܒܩܕܡܐ ܕܝܠ‏ : (arch.) in the presence of Syr.
  3 as an adverb : previously (?), at first (?), eastward (?) OA.

   LS2: 1318[646]. DJPA: 843. Jastrow: 1324. Levy Ch-W: 2:345. J. Payne-Smith: 490.

qdm (qd̠ām, qŭd̠ām) prep. before

  1 before Com. --(a) spatial Com. (a.1) in the presence of, with a high official or divinity reflecting respect and distance Com. (a.2) reflecting close relationship to a king or god Com. --(b) temporal Com. (b.1) before a rel. clause as a conjunction Com.
  2 opposite Syr.
  3 as a substantive : front part Syr.

   See also s.v. ˀqm.

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qdm c --> qdm p   DJPA: 478a. Jastrow: 1316.
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