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qrn, qrnˀ (qre/an, qarnā) n.f. horn; angle

  1 horn Com. --(a) (music) as a wind instrument Com. --(b) as the horn-shaped protrusion on the corners of an altar Com. --(c) vessel shaped like a horn JLAtg, Syr.
  2 corner Palm, PTA, Syr, JBA, Man, LJLA. --(a) angle Syr. --(b) extreme (pointed?) part Syr, Man. (b.1) projection Syr. 1 projection on a letter Syr. (b.2) chair arm Syr. (b.3) (insect) antenna JBA. --(c) בי קרנתא : meridian JBA. --(d) cusp of the Moon Gal. --(e) (milit.) flank Syr.
  3 capital funds, principal, intrinsic value OA, Gal, PTA, Syr, JBA, JBAg.
  4 might, prominence Syr. --(a) w. rwm : success, ascendance JLAtg, CPA, Syr, LJLA. --(b) w. ܝܗܒ‏ : to give support, allow to succeed Syr.
  5 (metr.) a measure = 12 sextari Syr.
  6 (bot.) dittany (or perhaps its spike?) Syr.

   LS2: 1412[697]. DJPA: 506b. DJBA: 1044a. Jastrow: 1422. Levy Ch-W: 2:388. Drower/Macuch: 403a, 410a. J. Payne-Smith: 520a. Tal Sam: 801. BarBahlul: 570:17.

qrn, qrnˀ (qrānā) n.m. #2coin

  1 coin Syr.

   LS2: 1412[697]. J. Payne-Smith: 520.

qrn#3 N --> q)rwn N   LS2: [698].
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