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qryn, qrynˀ (qeryān, qeryānā) n.m. calling; reading

  1 calling; vocation CPA, Syr.
  2 reading CPA, Syr. --(a) study Syr. --(b) learning Syr. --(c) chapter CPA, Syr. --(d) sacred scripture Syr.
  3 crowing Syr.

   LS2: 1409[690]. Payne-Smith: 3716. J. Payne-Smith: 519.

qryn, qrynˀ (qeryān, qeryānā) n.m. #2contention

  1 contention Syr.

   LS2: 1409[691]. J. Payne-Smith: 519.

qryn, qrynˀ (qāryān, qāryānā) n.m. #3reader; proclaimer

  1 Pentateuchal reader JBAg.
  2 one who makes a proclamation JBA.

   DJBA: 1042b. Jastrow: 1420.

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