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rwḥ vb. D to posses by spirits

  1 D p.p. possessed by evil spirits : see s.v. mrwwḥ PTA.


rwḥ vb. #2to be spacious

  1 to be spacious JLAtg, Syr. --(a) to be wide JBA.
  2 to breathe easily, be refreshed, be comfortable Syr. --(a) rw_xat leh, רוח ל : to be refreshed Syr, LJLA. --(b) to be relaxed Syr.

  1 to widen Syr.
  2 to enable rest Syr, LJLA.

  1 to give space to JLAtg, Gal, Syr. --(a) to widen Palm, Syr, JBA. --(b) to vacate JLAtg.
  2 to aid, bring relief Gal, Sam, Syr, LJLA. --(a) to give as relief Syr. --(b) to placate Syr.
  3 to profit Gal, JBA.
  4 to make to breathe Syr.

  1 impersonal with ל _ :to be relieved of illness JLAtg, Sam. --(a) id. LJLA.

  1 to be widened Syr.
  2 to be refreshed Syr.
  3 to be preserved Syr. --(a) to be healed Sam, LJLA.
  4 to be delivered in childbirth Gal, Syr.
  5 ܐܸܬܪܲܝܲܚ : to be appeased Syr.

   LS2: 1445[718]. DJPA: 518a. Jastrow: 1456. J. Payne-Smith: 533. Tal Sam: 821a. DNWSI: 1062.

rwḥ vb. #3C to wash (??)

  1 to wash (?) Gal.


   DJPA: 518a.

rwḥ, rwḥˀ (rūḥ, rūḥā) n.f./m. wind; spirit

  1 wind Com. --(a) fig. : direction, cardinal point Com. --(b) breath Syr. --(c) blowing Syr.
  2 spirit Com. --(a) ܕܩܘܼܕܫܵܐ The Holy Spirit CPA, Syr, JBAg. --(b) in Mandaism: Ruha the primary spirit of the dark side Man. --(c) ܒܪܘܚ : in spirt, i.e. within a prophetic vision Syr. (c.1) ܕܒܪܘܚ : spiritual (as opposed to bodily: ܕܒܦܓܪ) Syr.
  3 demon Syr. --(a) ܕܲܪܝܵܐ : leprosy Syr.
  4 odor Syr. --(a) pl. : flatulence Syr.

   Gender is usually masc. when used of the Holy Spirit (as well as evil spirits!) in later Syr. texts. (On this see now J. W. Childers, "Patristic Citations and Versional Evidence: The Syriac Version(s) of Chrysostom's Homilies on Matthew and the Old Syriac Text," Le Muséon 115[2002]p. 135.) In early texts the holy spirit is femine, however; see, e.g., D.J. Taylor, CSCO 577 (1999) p. xxi; and the complete discussion in S. Brock, Aram 3(1991): 249ff. Also masculine in CPA.

   LS2: 1445[718]. DJPA: 518a. DJBA: 1064a. Jastrow: 1458. DNWSI: 1065.

rwx#2 N --> rwx#3 N   LS2: 1446[718].
rwḥ, rwḥˀ (rwāḥ, rwāḥā) v.n. #3space; comfort

  1 comfort, relief, convenience Palm, Jud, JBA. --(a) joy Syr, Man.
  2 space, room Palm, JBA, LJLA. --(a) pasture area, open space JLAtg, Sam. --(b) interval Sam.
  3 (gram.) vowel 'o' Syr.

   LS2: 1446[718]. DJPA: 518a. DJBA: 1063a. Jastrow: 1457. Tal Sam: 821. DNWSI: 1062.

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