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sbr vb. a/a to expect

  1 of expectations for the future Com. --(a) to expect BA, Jud, Syr. --(b) to hope Jud, Syr. --(c) to intend PTA.
  2 to have thoughts Jud, Syr, JBAmag. --(a) to think Jud, CPA, Sam, Syr. (a.1) to be of the opinion Gal, Syr, JBA. 1 (logic) to reason, derive by logical deduction Gal, JBA, LJLA. --(b) to understand Jud, JBA, Man. --(c) to understand properly, i.e. to believe religiously JBA. --(d) to be aware JBA.
  3 idioms: Man. --(a) + ghk: to mock someone Man.

  1 to hope JLAtg, Syr, LJLA.
  2 to be of the opinion Syr.
  3 to teach an opinion (??) LJLA.
  4 w. אפין : to mollify (?) LJLA.

  1 to hope, to expect Syr.
  2 to think Syr. --(a) to explain Jud, JBA.
  3 w. ˀpyn : to be pleased Man, LJLA.
  4 to supplicate Syr.
  5 to make to hope Syr. --(a) to lead to think Syr.

  1 to be reasonable, seem to be the case Syr. --(a) מסתברה it is reasonable Gal, JBA. --(b) + l_ : to assume, think reasonable Syr.
  2 to be considered Syr. --(a) to be thought to mean Gal.

  1 to have hope LJLA.

   LS2: 964[456]. DJPA: 366a. DJBA: 784a. Jastrow: 952. Drower/Macuch: 316b. J. Payne-Smith: 359.

sbr vb. #2D to bring news

  1 to bring news Syr.
  2 to preach the gospel Syr.

  1 to receive news Syr. --(a) to be preached the gospel Syr.
  2 to be announced, preached Syr.

   See also s.v. bsr #3.

   LS2: 965[457]. J. Payne-Smith: 359.

sbr, sbrˀ (sḇar, seḇrā) n.m. opinion

  1 opinion Jud, Syr. --(a) suspicion Syr. --(b) faith, belief Man.
  2 (logic) logical conclusion JBA, LJLA.
  3 + )pyn > sbr@)pyn N Jud.

   See note s.v. sbr #2.

   LS2: 965[456]. DJPA: 365b. DJBA: 785b. Drower/Macuch: 324b. J. Payne-Smith: 359.

sbr, sbrˀ (sḇar, saḇrā) n.m. #2hope

  1 hope Gal, CPA, Sam, Syr, LJLA. --(a) ܥܠ ܣܒܪܐ : with hope, hopefully Syr.

   The actual number of different words here is uncertain. The noun formations saḇrā, seḇrā and sḇārā should probably be considered interchangeable.

   LS2: 965[456]. DJPA: 366a. Jastrow: 952. J. Payne-Smith: 359.

sbr, sbrˀ n.m. #3master teacher

  1 master teacher Palm, PTA.
  2 believer, religious teacher Man.

   See bibliog. discussion DNWSI. The form was not understood correctly by DJPA.

   Jastrow: 952. DNWSI: 775.

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