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ḥṣd vb. a/u to reap, to harvest

  1 to reap, to harvest Com. --(a) fig. Syr.

  1 to harvest Gal.

  1 to be harvested Syr. --(a) fig. Syr.

   LS2: 483[251]. DJPA: 213a. DJBA: 478b. Jastrow: 494. Drower/Macuch: 152a. J. Payne-Smith: 154. Tal Sam: 290. DNWSI: 398.

ḥṣd, ḥṣdˀ (ḥṣād̠, ḥṣād̠ā) v.n. harvesting

  1 harvest JLAtg, Gal, PTA, CPA, Sam, Syr, JBA, LJLA.

   LS2: 483[251]. DJPA: 212b. DJBA: 479a. Jastrow: 494. Drower/Macuch: 147a. J. Payne-Smith: 154. Tal Sam: 290b.

ḥṣd, ḥṣdˀ (ḥṣed̠, ḥeṣdā) n.m. #2harvest

  1 harvest Jud, Syr.

   LS2: 483[251]. DJPA: 213a. Jastrow: 494. J. Payne-Smith: 154.

xcd#3 N --> xcd V   Jastrow: 494.
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