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yd, ˀydˀ (yaḏ, yəḏā/ˀīḏā) n.f. hand, arm; side; power

  1 hand Com.
  2 arm Com.
  3 power, control Com. --(a) as the subject of another verb: to be able to do X OfA. --(b) ܬܚܝܬ ܐ܊‏ : under the supervision or control of : see also s.v. tḥwt JLAtg, Syr, LJLA. --(c) ܒܐܝ̈ܕܝ‏_ : by means of : see s.v. byd and note there Syr.
  4 possession Com. --(a) lit. Com. (a.1) ˁl yd (= byd q.v.) : in the hand of someone as a messenger or carrier Com. 1 alone . --(b) fig. Com.
  5 side, edge Qum. --(a) ˁl yd : on the bank of (body of water) : see s.v. ˁl yd . --(b) direction Syr.
  6 idioms: . --(a) ܣܝܵܡ ܐܝܼܕܵܐ‏ : laying on of hands, ordination Syr. --(b) ahid ˁda: helper (see also. s.v. ʾḥd vb.) Man. --(c) šlḥ yd: to attack, take aggressive action against Com. --(d) mḥy yd: to stop someone from doing something Com. --(e) mṭy yd: to do something as much as possible OfA. --(f) צבע ידין : dyed on both sides?? OfA. --(g) ktb yd: see s.v. ktb n.m. . --(h) mn ydˀ lydˀ : from one hand to the other, face to face, in person Syr, JBA. --(i) ܐܝܟ ܐܝܕܐ ܕܡܠܟܐ‏ : in great abundance (from Esther 1:8) Syr. --( ) ܝܗܒ‏ : to provide opportunity, give cause to Syr. ( .1) to support Syr. --( ) נפק ידי חובה : to fulfill an obligation : see s.v. ḥwbh JBA. --( ) ܒܐܝܕܐ ܪܒܬܐ‏ : prolifically, liberally Syr.
  7 forepaw Syr.
  8 ܕܙܲܓܵܐ‏ : clapper of a bell Syr.
  9 covering of the hand Syr. --(a) armored glove Syr.
  10 pl. ܐܝܼܕܲܗܵܬܵܐ‏ handles Syr.
  11 pl. ܐܝܼܕܲܗܵܬܵܐ‏ : manuscripts (ellipt. for ktb yd) Syr.

   See note s.v. byd prep.

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