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zbn vb. a/u to buy; D to sell

  1 to buy Com. --(a) p.p. see also s.v. zbyn n.m. .

  1 to sell Com.

  1 to be bought Com.

  1 to be sold Com.

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zbn, zbnˀ (zḇān, zḇānā) v.n. transaction

  1 transaction Jud, Gal, PTA, Syr, Man.
  2 purchase, merchandise Syr.
  3 zbn wzbwn : see s.v. zbwn Gal, CPA.

   "Purchase" and "sale" are two different words in many languages; in Aramaic zbn can be used for either perspective, and there is little reason to assume (cf. DNWSI) that there might be different noun-formations involved in early dialects. By the time of Syriac, however, given the existence of the explicit D v.n zwbn, this form might be limited to the idea of "buying."
However, the number of noun formations actually attested is uncertain; see s.v. zbn#3 n.m.

   LS2: 363[187]. DJPA: 171b. Drower/Macuch: 161b, 164a. DNWSI: 305.

zbn, zbnˀ (zḇan, zaḇnā) n.m./f. #2time

  1 time, instance Palm, Jud, Gal, PTA, CPA, Sam, Syr, JBAmag, Man. --(a) stretch of time, era Syr. --(b) physical age, aging Syr. (b.1) spec.: time of maturity Syr.
  2 as an abstract concept Syr. --(a) temporality, fragility Syr. (a.1) ܕܙܒܢܐ‏ or as nomen rectum : temporary (opp. ܕܠܥܠܡ‏) Syr. 1 temporal Syr. --(b) (gram.) tense Syr.
  3 expressions: Syr. --(a) ܙܒܲܢ‏ : formerly, once upon a time (occasionally perhaps also zbn) Syr. (a.1) for a long time (?) Palm. --(b) ܙܒܲܢ ܙܒܲܢ‏ : often, frequently Syr. --(c) ܒܙܒܢ‏ : see s.v. bzbn adv. Syr. --(d) ܡܢ ܙܒܢܐ‏ : at any previous time Syr.
  4 instance (fem.!) Syr.
  5 fate Syr.

   A phonetic variant of zmn. See also s.v. bzbn adv.
The entry zbn #3 "assembly, gathering" in DCPA should be deleted. See s.v. mškn.

   LS2: 363[187]. DJPA: 171b. Drower/Macuch: 165a, 157a. J. Payne-Smith: 109f. Tal Sam: 220. DNWSI: 305.

zbn, zbnˀ n.m. #3purchase

  1 purchase Nab, Sam, JBA, JBAg, Man. --(a) zbn wzbwn : buying and selling, market place CPA.
  2 merchandise JBA, JBAg.

   DJBA: 406a. Drower/Macuch: 165b, 161a. J. Payne-Smith: 110. Tal Sam: 220.

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