CAL fonts for Macintosh users


To use these fonts:


A) Download them: Click on the following link while holding down the CTRL key and choose "save target"  or "save link to disk" from the pop up menu.


B) The downloaded file "calfonts.sit" is a "Stuffit" archive.  Unstuff it using Aladdin systems "Stuffit Expander" that you probably already have on your Mac (inside the "internet/internet utilities/Aladdin" folder) or that can be downloaded from Aladdin Systems.


C). Install the fonts into your system folder in the usual manner (dragging their icon to the system folder icon on your start up disk in os 9 and before, putting them in the Library folder in OS X).


D) .  You may use the installed fonts in any of your programs - but be sure to restart your browser after you have installed them.


Transliteration Font: CalSemitic TR


Jewish Aramaic Font: CalWebHebrew




DOWNLOAD CAL SYRIAC (=SPEdessa, a public domain font) HERE