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Since the CAL covers so many different Aramaic dialects with varying spelling systems, we have had to adopt a spelling convention for our lemmas (headwords) that is often at odds with those found in individual dialect dictionaries. Thus we have implemented this page to enable users easily to find CAL entries corresponding to those in whatever earlier dictionary they might be using. Enter the page number of the dictionary and see a list of all lemmas currently corresponding to that page.* You may also use this for collation among dictionaries where cross references are scant or missing. For example, where is one to find the word לחתא (Jastrow p. 705 "splint bone") in DJBA? (Answer: CAL lemma lḥt, DJBA לוחתא.) For multi-volume Dictionaries without sequential pagination, enter the page number as e.g., "1:134, 2:212."

Jastrow Lexicon Syriacum A Syriac Lexicon
A Compendious Syriac Dictionary A Dictionary of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic
Levy, Chaldäisches Wörterbuch ü.die Targumim A Mandaic Dictionary Dictionary of the Northwest Semitic Inscriptions
Thesaurus Syriacus Dictionary of Samaritan Aramaic Schulthess Lexicon Syropalaestinum
A Dictionary of Christian Palestinian Aramaic A Dictionary of Judean Aramaic Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic


* Please be aware that the CAL is a work in progress and not all references from all page numbers in all dictionaries have yet been entered. LS2, SOK-LS2, Jastrow, DJBA, DJPA, and DCPA/Schulthess are relatively complete. Additional reference works will be added to this page as their data is more completely covered.