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10350 Old Aram Texts from Palestine

11200 Inscriptions from Tell Halaf and Environs

12200 Samalian Inscriptions from Zenjirli and Environs: NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

12250 KTMW inscription from Zenjirli

13200 Inscriptions from Syria

13201 Inscriptions from Hamath

13202 Inscriptions Mentioning Hazael

13250 TDanStel (Tel Dan Stele)

13300 Legal Texts from Tell Shioukh Fawqani (TSF) and Šēḥ Ḥamad

14200 Bukân Stele (BukânStel)

14300 Legal Texts from Assyria: Fales, AECT

14301 Endorsements on Babylonian Tablets (primarily in the British Museum)

14302 Brussels Tablets

14303 AECT-L:*8

14304 AECT-L:*35-36 (see now 14306)

14306 NTA (Nouvelles tablettes araméennes)

14307 Til Barsib

14350 Bronze Lion Weights and Bowls

14351 Fragmentary Ink Texts from Nimrud

14550 AssOstr (Asshur Ostracon)

15200 DA (Plaster Text from Deir Alla) NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

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