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Kaufman, Stephen A., The Akkadian Influences on Aramaic. Assyriological Studies 19. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1974. Interf Loanwords )b#2 N )b#4 N )bw#2 N )bwt N )gwr N )gwr#3 N )gn N )grh N )dwwt) N )dlt) N )wwr N )wlh N )wmn N )wrbt) N )kr N )lp N )md V )md#2 V )mty c )sh N )swp N )skwph N )pwt) N )pkl N )pr N )prqyd X )pt)#2 N )ptm X )r) N )rgwbl N )rdkl N )rx#3 N )ryx#2 N )ryt N )rch N )$y#2 N )$kr N )$$ N )$tym N )$tqd X )twn N )tly) N )tn#2 N bb N bwby N bwkn N bwcyn N bwry#2 N byb N byrh N byrnh N blw N blTy N b(l@T(m N b(l@pqt N b(ldbb N b(ldyn N bryt) N gyny) N gys N gl#5 N gnwn N g$wr N dbb N dn#2 N dp N d$ N hwrd) N hlk N wr$n N zbn V zbny N zwpryn N zyw N zyp N zky V zmn N zrnwq N x)ry N xbwl#2 N xwq N xzn N xlyc N xm#2 N xcb N xryc N Tm N T(m N kdm N kwk#4 N kwky N kwsp) N kwr#5 N kwtl N ky$ N kyth N kk N klb) N klk#2 N knwn N knt N kr#2 N krblh N k$d N lbh N lwbr A lxn N lyly#2 N mgn X mdr#3 N mwqr#2 N mwtn N mzl N mxr N my c mks#2 N mlw$ N mn) N mndh N mrwl N m$wny N m$kwn N m$kn#2 N mtwr N nbz#2 N nbzbh N ngw N ngr N ndbk N nwsx N nwr#2 N nzy N nksyn N nktm) N nl N nmrh N npxr N sblh#2 N sgn N sdyn#2 N swwr) N swkr N swsw N swt N sxr#5 N sTy A skn N snb b srys N ($h N p)q A pgwd N pwxr#2 N pxh N plg#6 N prys N prk#2 N ptwr N pty#3 N cbt#2 V cbt N qwp#4 N qrcyn N rby#3 N rpq V rp$ N rqh N rqy N r$y V $)r#2 N $bb N $bx#2 V $glh N $d N $dh#2 N $wly#2 N $wq N $w$byn N $wt N $yzb V $ycy V $kll V $kn#2 N $ld N $lh#2 N $ncy V $nt V $pt)#2 N $qwp N $qq N $r$y#2 V twbly N txwm N tyr A tl N tlym N tnwrh N tp N trbc N trgmn N trngl N

Morgenstern, M., "Hidden and Evident Aramaic Influences on Qumran Hebrew," in Fassberg, S.E., Hebrew Texts and Language of the Second Temple Period. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2021. Pp. 181-90. Influences )xd V )bw#2 N ps( V tygr N

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