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šwlṭn, šwlṭnˀ   (šulṭān, šulṭānā)   n.m.  power, rule
  BA שָלטָן

1  power, rule  Com. TgO Gen49:10 : לָא יְעִידֵי עָבֵיד שוּלטָן מִדְבֵית יְהוּדָה  may the one who exercises power not pass away from the house of Judah. TgJ Ez7:10 : צְמַח שֻלטָנָא הוֹפַע רִשעָא  power has sprouted, wickedness has appeared. P Je34:1 : wkwlhyn m̈lkwtˀ dˀrˁ šwlṭn ˀīdẖšwlṭn ˀīdẖ  all those kingdoms of the earth under his control. (a) authority  JLAtg, Syr. TgO Ex21:20 : וַאְרֵי יִמחֵי גְבַר יָת עַבדֵיה אוֹ יָת אַמתֵיה בְשוּלטָן  should a man strike his servant or maidservant having (full) authority. P Gn1:16 : nhyrˀ rbˀ lšwlṭnˀ dˀymmˀ  the great luminary for daytime authority. P Lk20:2 : šūlṭānāˀ hānāˀ . (a.1)  civil authority  Syr. MiS 471a:1 . P StDan(1)3:2 : wltr̈bdyˀ wltpẗyˀ wlkl šwlṭn mdyn̈tˀ . (b) office, function  Syr. P Num4:16 : wšwlṭnh dˀlyˁzr brh dˀhrwn khnˀ ̇̇̇ šlyṭ ˁl kwlh mšknˀ  Aaron the priest's son Eliezer's office was in charge of the entire tabernacle. (b.1)  subordinate official  PTA. TN Gen40:20 . (c) administrative region  Syr. (c.1)  byt šwlṭnˀ : idem. : see s.v.  Syr. (c.2)  diocese  Syr. Pel 11:14 . (d) right, ability, permission  Syr, JBAmb. TB 3:64.6 : lkl ˀnš bšwlṭnh symˀ  it has been given into every person’s power. Ps-Clem Recogs 3.210:5 : šwlṭnˀ hnˀ ˀšlm lhwn dnhwwn mdm dṣbyn  He granted them this right: to be whatever they want. JBABowl 101.1:5 : ותעבדין רעותי ושולטני  you must do my will and my permission. (d.1)  (philos.) free will  Syr. Ps-Clem Recogs 1.12:2 : mkyl dšwlṭnˀ hy dylkwṅ ˀw dtšmˁwn ˀw dlˀ tṭpyswn  therefore it is your free choice either to listen or not to be convinced.

2  ruler  Qumran, JLAtg, PTA, CPA, Sam, Syr. 4QEnGiantsb06.16 : שלטן שמיא לארעא נחת. TgJ Hab1:14 : כְרִחשָא דְלֵית שֻלטָן עֲלוֹהִי  like the vermin that has no ruler over him. P StDan(1)3:2 : wlkl šwlṭn mdyn̈tˀ . (a) people with authority, the authorities  JBAmb, JBAg. JBAmb2 116:6 : יתיב בשולטונא ובידינא  who sit in the administration or in the courthouse. SSHai 16a(21) : קא תפיס שולטנא למישקל מיניה  the authorities are forcing me to take it from him.

3  victory  Syr. PO5 722:12 .

4  fourth order of angels  Syr. Eph1:21 . Col1:16 .

The separate forms šulṭān, šālṭān and šilṭōn are quite confused in the sources.
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byt šwlṭnˀ (bēṯ šulṭānā) n.m.   dominion, area of rule
*šwlṭnh, šwlṭnytˀ (*šulṭānā, šulṭānīṯā) n.f.   ruler(f.), sultana
šwlṭnw, šwlṭnwtˀ (šulṭānū, šulṭānūṯā) n.f.   power

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